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Below are miscellaneous links.

Firefox Browser Firefox is the only mainstream (open source) browser that, currently, respects your privacy and freedom. It's the browser I use. I recommend it on Desktop and Mobile.

Linux Mint Linux Mint is an operating system and a free / open source alternative to Windows. Let's face facts, Windows 10 has become spyware, and you cannot turn off all the spying.

Facebook (aka Meta, the notorious spyware corp) is left-biased due to woke corporate censorship of common-place views. And your parents are on it, probably posting trash. Run! However, Twitter is somewhat more free-speech-friendly since Elon Musk took it over. Below are some less-censored / more open social nets. If nothing else, you can go here to see news and opinions that the main-stream-media (MSM) and corporate social nets like Twitter and Facebook do not want you to know.

Gab Gab social net states that it is "100% funded by people just like you, not special interests or big corporate advertisers". My feed is: Eadon on Gab.

Parler Despite what it says, this social media site is not great for free speech, and it was recently hit by a doxxing attack. My feed is: Eadon on Parler.

Mastodon Mastodon social net is open source, but not user friendly. My feed is: Eadon on Mastodon.

Below are various accounts I set up, as a kind of personal bookmarking set-up.

Arty sites. Eadon on:

Flickr. NewTumbl, a less censored version of Tumbler apparently. imgur Pinterest Tumbler Artstation Behance

Movie Reviews: Jim's reviews on Letterboxd
Movies: Jim on IMDB

Technical sites:
Eadon on:
Math Overflow, in particular this question about the Geometric shape of the Monster sporadic group
Stack Overflow,
GitHub taken over by Microsoft, unfortunately.

Also: Java Blog (not mine) The Server Side Java-centric Blog.

Some generic links to sites I visit occasionally
Politics Guido Fawkes Politics Blog. The comments are the best. Also more of what the MSM refuses to tell you: Breitbart Spectator
Popular Science Quanta Has quality mathematics articles for the layman. Also, sadly, mostly bullshit articles about the "Multiverse" etc.
High Energy Particle Physics Blog Great Particle Physics Blog. Also, Not even wrong Blog. The blogger lacks a sense of humour, but the site is a good antidote against pseudo-science like String Theory and Multiverse nonsense. Sometimes the comments are entertaining. Computer stuff: TCEC Chess engine leagues, https://blog.lczero.orgLC0 Neural Net chess engine blog, StockfishStockfish blog. Forthcoming (eventually) novel: Victims Of Pictor, but at the moment I'm working on my comic strip, Denn Starr about a bounty hunter in a hostile dangerous galaxy.

Poker Poker News. My own feeling is that online poker is in deep trouble, because deep-learning AI is getting stronger at crushing the games. As that happens, it will be difficult for humans to survive long in both tournaments and cash games, killing most online poker. I used to play online poker a lot, over a period of a few years. I even wrote software for that. But in the end, once I had figured out the mysteries, the addiction and mystery of it faded, and I went back to my IT career, which is infinitely more varied than playing cards. But it was hell of a trip :) I feel sorry for poker pros now. The games are tougher every year, and websites, seeking profits, take more money off the table.
Jim (James) Eadon on The Hendon Mob poker database,

Generic stuff.
I unexpectedly received a mathematician, Peter Scholze. He's a nice guy, Fields medal winner, and something of a mathematics superstar. Mathematics Geometric Langlands comments
I copied the text here: Local copy of the mathematics text,
For this links page, I've revisited a list of sites I've not visited in years, like these. I'm not saying they're any good.
Blogger Profile: Blogger, Medium, Etsy
Eadon on
RedditEadon, SaidIt and 9Gag The worlds most depressing social network is, of course, Linked In LinkedIn. It crushes the soul, doesn't it? Also:
MySpace My Space from when it was all the rage. Sadly the same fate hasn't befallen the corporate Facebook spyware machine. A physics (relativity) debate: Clash with the Physics Detective And: About.me site. Twitter: Twitter

Some random specific links to articles
Pure Mathematics article about Groups and Representation Theory. If you already know some maths, it's a great explanation. Representation Theory