Jim Eadon on News and Politics 2020

Below are some random thoughts and impressions.

March / April 2020

On the Corvid-19 virus:

Chart showing lockdown is a scam

The chart, if even vaguely accurate, shows that the lockdown is pointless, yet it has created untold human suffering, with job losses, stress, and, indeed, harm to health in general.

Are we going to send the bill for the pandemic to China? China, after spreading the virus, is still trying to cover up the extent of it in China.

On the lockdown, on banning people sunbathing in parks, beaches etc:

"The virus is KILLED by the SUN.
The ESTABLISHMENT does not want you to sunbathe.
Join the dots...
#Suspicious #LockdownBS"

In reply to PM Johnson: 'Putting everyone out of work is not beating "this together".'

On the lockdown: "The government is burning down the country in order to save it."

More on the suspicious lockdown:
My online chat this morning with an American bar girl who lost her job in the lockdown:
'"And now I don't have rent for tomorrow so I'm super struggling ugh / right I'm so stressed blehhhh / so I'm off 500$ on rent for tomorrow" [Minor edits for typos]
This human suffering is everywhere. #Lockdown'

Stay at home and get fired is not a good strategy. Sweden, for example, have wiser heads and not imposing an economically-suicidal lockdown policy, despite the pressure.
There are those that say that not locking everything down is actually rational, far better than throwing many millions of people out of work, by shutting the economy down. Sweden has taken that approach.
China spread the virus worldwide, whilst covering it up. And they're still covering up the actual statistics. Who's going to pay for the economic destruction caused by the lockdown? Ah yes, the tax payer, many of whom are out of a job thanks to the lockdown itself. Or do we send the bill to China?

The Italians never liked the EU dictatorship. Even now, during the pandemic crisis, the EU is fining Italy for breaking some EU law or other, blocking delivery of supplies, etc. And the Italians are furious. Wouldn't you be?

The virus just isn't very dangerous to the vast majority, it's exaggerated. The lockdown is no more necessary now than it was for nasty flu strains. #LockdownBullshit

Meanwhile some 9/11 weirdness, one of the mysteries is why two planes managed to demolish three towers.

So what did destroy the building? WTC-7 not destroyed by fires.

Two aircraft crashed into one building apiece: three buildings collapsed. There are other substantial anomalies too with the entire, bizarre attack. We permanently lost a lot of freedoms as a result.

On Keir Starmer as the new Labour Leader

Funny tweet by D5RSS on the election of Blair-clone Keir Starmer as Labour Leader.
"Yep if a knighted, multi-millionaire, London-centric EU shill can't win back the good people of the North nothing will." [Minor edits for punctuation]
My response to a congratulatory tweet on Starmer by Guy Verhofstadt:
"Starmer is one of your poodles, is he? That's going to go down like a cup of sick outside London."

On Manipulative Meghan / Mexit

In reply to some Telegraph tweet showing a mugshot of the ex-royal ex-princess: "Please get Princess Woke off my feed. We've enough going on with the other parasite..."