Jim Eadon's Home Page

Hi, I'm Jim.

Jim Eadon, Stockholm, Sweden

Day job: I'm an experienced "enterprise" software consultant, Technical Architect and Java (mostly) coder.

Locations: I've lived / worked in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Gibraltar, La Linear De La Conception (Southern Spain), Sheffield, London, Manchester, Prague, Stockholm and elsewhere.

Hobbies: Writer - My first novel is published soon. Also, stuff like game inventing (including Culica, which I must attempt to rename, make and sell again, one day!); Texas Hold-em and PLO poker; I'm into science and mathematics: think Monster Group! I used to play chess, but now only play Chess960 (Fischer Random) because there's no opening theory that cheaters can memorise :) I used to be in a band and composed music. I invent dreadful jokes, and fail at Yoga. Et cetera.

Movies / Music: I like older and classical movies, music and TV shows. By older, I mean, with some exceptions, stuff before the year 2000. The modern "Woke" stuff is tragically bad, absolutely terrible. It's just sad, and I simply boycott woke stuff, it's so unbearable. Hollywood, you'll not alter my opinions no matter how many boring, laughable movies you make.

Politics: I am pro-independence. In general I prefer local rule, as opposed to global rule, therefore I am in favour of Brexit. For those two chaps who have rage-blanked me because of my opinion, I say to them, my view is the same as the majority in the UK. I say also this about Remainers' "Project Fear" propaganda: All the stuff that the (lying) Mainstream Media told us would happen as a consequence of the Brexit referendum didn't happen. Since then, similar things actually are starting to happen, at time of writing, due to the weird Kung Flu, aka Corvid-19, pandemic.

On social nets: I dislike Facebook and Twitter, due to their exploitation of information, and their censoring of legitimate opinions. However, I'll use them to plug my book, when it comes out. Yes, I'm hypocritical, sadly.

On Software: I dislike draconian-EULA-and-DRM-ed proprietary software, though some of it is unavoidable under certain circumstances. I've always been a huge fan of open source, even before it become all the rage in companies. In particular, I approve of the Firefox browser, the most free and rights-respecting of the major browsers. At least open source is mainstream now.

This site is written in old-skool HTML, albeit modern HTML 5 and CSS3. I've a Wordpress site too, but it's eccentric fun to go back to pure code again! Looking back, PHP was another of so many web language mistakes. Every technology layer and component of the web is an absolute mess.

I'm not counting page-hits as of March 1st 2020, but up until that time, this homepage has been hit: 235869 times, over nearly 20 years.