Jim Eadon's Home Page

Hi, I'm Jim.

Jim Eadon, Stockholm, Sweden

Day job: I'm an experienced "enterprise" software consultant, Technical Architect and Java (mostly) coder.

Locations: I've lived / worked in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Gibraltar, La Linear De La Conception (Southern Spain), Sheffield, London, Manchester, Prague, Stockholm and elsewhere.

Hobbies: Writer - My first novel is published soon. Also, stuff like game inventing (including Culica, which I must attempt to rename, make and sell again, one day!); Texas Hold-em and PLO poker; I'm into science and mathematics: think Monster Group! I used to play chess, but now only play Chess960 (Fischer Random) because there's no opening theory that cheaters can memorise :) I used to be in a pop-rock band and composed music. I invent dreadful jokes, and fail at Yoga. Et cetera.

Movies / Music: I like older and classical movies, music and TV shows. By older, I mean, with some exceptions, stuff before the year 2000. The modern "Wokist" stuff is tragically bad, absolutely terrible. It's just sad, and I simply boycott woke stuff. Hollywood, you'll not alter my opinions no matter how many boring, laughable movies you make.

Politics: I am pro-independence. In general I prefer local rule, as opposed to global rule, therefore I am in favour of Brexit. I also believe that lockdowns do significantly more harm than good.

On social nets: I believe Facebook and Twitter are harmful, due to their exploitation of information, and their censoring of legitimate opinions.

On Software: I have always been a huge fan of open source. In particular, I approve of the Firefox browser, the most free and rights-respecting of the major browsers.

This site is created in a deliberately-old-skool style. I'm no longer counting page-hits as of March 1st 2020, but up until that time, this homepage has been hit: 235869 times, over nearly 20 years.